Game Zones

Outdoor Field 1

Indoor Paintball

Tauranga and Mount Maunganui now have a dedicated Speedball paintball and paintball lasertag venue, right beside the all new TECT Arena at Baypark.

This field is setup with a 30 peice airball/speed ball field for high speed and high adrenaline paintball action,play aytime day or night and in any weather. Call us today.

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Outdoor Field 2

Outdoor Paintball

Our Urban Assult field consists of vehicle bodies, drum bunkers And partially destroyed buildings. Setup for many different game senarios and able to play large groups at one time.

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Outdoor Lasertag

Paintball Extreme Lasertag

The new craze taking over America is "Paintball lasertag" - this system is as close as you can get to playing paintball without actaully getting shot with a paintball.

It still uses a paintball gun and gas canister, and you still have to shoot the gun and the gun still fires and makes the same noise, BUT there are no paintballs. The gun fires a harmless laser and there is no need to wear vests or sensors, no wires to worry about as its all on the gun, After each game you can check your stats on your gun's individual LCD screen and see how many hits you scored and compare with your friends.

Perfect for those hens parties, corprate functions or for those who are unsure if paintball is for them. This is the most realistic lasertag you can get - once you have had 1 game, you will want MORE...

only $20 per player per hour.                                                            


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